Schwinn Volare Road Bike Review

Schwinn Volare Road Bike Review

Schwinn – one of the most frequent brands of road bike that I mention in all of my reviews. They have their reputation along with the product’s quality. With a super affordable price starts from $290, the Schwinn Volare Road Bike, to be more specific the Schwinn Volare Men’s 1300 road bike is one of the greatest options for your choice eventually.

This Schwinn Volare road bike, to me, is a good start for any biker with its reliability, sturdiness, and durability.

You can both get riding the bike for commuting, which is of course its purpose and chilling on the beach for a long trip. Though it’s not so special, who else knows another $300 bike can do so?

So, let’s bring some features of the Schwinn Volare Road bike to see if it is a good bike to get from among the huge market of cheap bikes you can find on the internet!

Specific Features

The Diamondback Bicycles Haanjen Road Bikes

The Diamondback Bicycles Haanjen Road Bikes

  • Schwinn Aluminum Road Bike Frame – 56 cm – 19 inches
  • Rigid fork
  • Shimano 14 Speed A050 Shifters
  • 7 Sprockets teeth Rear Cassette
  • 700c Tires
  • Schwinn Alloy crankset

Pros and Cons


  • Design fit for bikers gives comfort and easy control
  • Low prices and lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use shift gears
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Good for beginners
  • Easy for maintenance
  •  Smooth ride even after the long ride or years


  • The bear sometimes gets loose and grind
  • The rear derailleur gets bent
  • Cheap-looking pedals, easy to crank, and might get to biker’s pants.
  • Wheels might be untrue especially after tough transportation
  • 30 lbs of weight – over the average of a road bike.
  • Sometimes the brakes might be unresponsive.

Overall comment

The Schwinn Volare Road Bikes

The Schwinn Volare Road Bikes

The whole look of the bike will mostly be attracted by the man with a lot of powerful features including the white color and the red on the rack. The seat position, the pedals, tires, brakes, are made the whole bike bold and more assertive.

Another good thing I like about the bike’s design is the polished look in the good profile in designing. You can choose a different color to match with your reference and it still in a fancy look!

With only $300, you might be surprised with the convenience the bike brings up. There are the pre-mounting holes for the holder if you want to get some space for the water of the bottle or your jacket for example.

It’s also easy to put the bike together, all you have to do is follow the instructions. The hard parts such as the brakes, the cable, or the cranks are all set and ready. The easier one like pedals, seats, or tires should be easy enough to go with.

One disadvantage that I need to bring up is the thin inner tubes, but it can’t handle too much pressure above 100 psi. In this case, it might bring some uncomfortable feeling when riding on the uneven and soft terrains. For the commuting and road bike, instead, the tires work pretty well and are stable. The handlebars unfortunately can’t be adjusted.

In Details Highlight


The Schwinn Volare Road Bike included the custody Schwinn aluminum frame. It makes the bike lighter in weight to be compared with other steel frame versions that are available in the market. The frame still keeps the bike sturdy in riding even if the weight is reduced. However, you can expect the whole system has a huge advantage of stability compared with the hybrid bike. It is designed for good use of the road bike. The frame color and aesthetic design also mark the Schwinn Volare another bonus point. With the modern and strong look of the whole system, any man will feel powerful and so much fun when riding this bike!

Besides, the rigorous carbon fork will ensure your sturdiness for a long trip ahead or if you are having multiple kinds of stuff on your back to carry on. It makes the bike handle better the overall huge effort above. So, again, it’s a $300 bike, and I’m sure you’ll have so much fun biking and traveling with it.


The Vilano Aluminum Road Bikes

The Vilano Aluminum Road Bikes

As I mentioned about the specs and features above, the Schwinn Volare Road bike included the Shimano A050 shifters – that is in my opinion, a great deal for a road bike. The gear comes up with 14 ranges to change different speeds easily and fast.

However, you might find some trouble with the rear derailleur since it could be unsteady especially in wet weather. But don’t worry, since the bike is easy to assemble, it’s also easy to get dismantled and fixed.


The brakes are instantly assembled for you before it comes to your door, so you don’t have to worry about it. It is made from alloy calipers with a lot of compliments from professional bikers.

On the other hand, if you push a lot of pressure on the brake, you might find it is annoying by the loud noise every time you do so. So, be careful about that. Another disadvantage of the brakes is the beard might sometimes get loose and grind. And if you just don’t like the inconvenience, go ahead and replace a better one for your own experience.

Wheels and Tires

Undoubtedly, you will have the cheaper wheels and tires if you get a cheap bike. It’s not the case with the Schwinn Volare Road Bike! I consider the system is in excellent condition to be compared with the price. The wheels, in one word to describe, very sturdy.

The wheels are easy to release and it’s easy to control. When it comes to an easy to remove bike wheel, it’s easy to fix. It also reduces the possibility of being damaged after the removal session. It is effortless to maintain as I want to clarify.

Moreover, the alloy rims will help increase durability though it is light in weight.


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The Tommaso Monza Endurance Road Bikes

As I mentioned in the Cons session, I don’t have a lot of compliments for this saddle. The saddle look is quite cheap and easy to slip. As so, you will have to careful when riding in the wet weather for your safety at first. However, the advantage is you can easily replace it with another version or brand.


Again, the Schwinn Volare Road Bike is one of my most favorite road bikes I can mention in the review. It is reliable and affordable. It is a good version for any bike lover that just starts their journey of biking and conquer different terrains.

With its convenience assembly and its brand reputation, there is no reason that you don’t give it a shot to try it on.

The minor problems might make you uncomfortable in using, but trust me, you can make it upgrade easily.

In conclusion, this Schwinn Volare Road bike might get some troubles and problems during the ride, but if you are prepared for it and can upgrade it, this should be a good lifetime warranty bike for yourself to enjoy both the beach road or the normal road around the neighborhood.